International Payments

Competitive exchange rates, unparalleled payment execution

At Synergy Exchange we believe in working together with our clients to remove boundaries and to achieve an unparalleled service.

Through our affiliated partner network, Synergy Exchange are able to offer a bespoke service and highly competitive currency exchange rates to a wide range of entities from institutional traders to corporate and private clients.

Comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds within the financial sector, our aim is to provide increased profitability to our clients, reduce exchange rate fluctuation risks through hedging strategies and ensure maximum satisfaction through our tailored and professional service.

Our client portfolio consists of financial institutions, SME’s, property funds and IFA’s, giving them the facility to transfer funds across the globe effortlessly and securely. We offer same day international payments and access to unrivalled market rates ensuring the most competitive FX transactions executed through spot and forward contracts.

Please contact us on 0203 953 6320 to speak to one of our experienced consultants and find out more about how we can help.

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