Invoice Finance

The smarter way to accelerate your cashflow.

We can release a percentage of the cash you have tied up in unpaid invoices. The facility is quick to set up and very flexible – we can tailor it to your unique needs.


An Invoice Finance facility means you can access the money owed to you without
waiting 30, 60 or 90 days – accelerates cashflow and increases your working capital.

  • Eases cashflow problems and increases your working capital
  • The more invoices you generate the more cash becomes available
  • Bad debt protection can be included

Invoice Finance options include:

FACTORING: We manage your sales ledger and provide credit control. Your customers are aware of our involvement.

CHOICE: We manage your sales ledger, but you still have full customer contact and carry out your own credit control.

DISCLOSED INVOICE DISCOUNTING: You manage your sales ledger and credit control. Your clients are aware of our involvement.

CONFIDENTIAL INVOICE DISCOUNTING: Same as Disclosed Invoice Discounting but your clients are unaware of our involvement.

How It Works

Send Us Your Invoice

When you issue an invoice just send us a copy

We Send You The Money

We can advance you a percentage of the money tied up in that invoice the next working day

The Customer Pays The Invoice

You receive the remaining percentage of the invoice amount minus any charges associated with the facility.

Why you’ll like dealing with us?

Synergy Exchange have provided our company with flexible funding which has helped our company to grow. I am sure all of this has been said before however it is not often that a Financial Institution such as UIF can be thanked for the friendly, cheerful and responsive way that your team has handled our business.