Recruitment Finance

The smarter way to finance and grow your agency.

Our expert team of recruitment industry specialists provide a pay and bill service, advancing a percentage of the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices.


By providing accelerated access to the funds in your sales ledger we solve your cashflow headaches. We can also relieve you of the heavy administrative burdens.

  • We can provide comprehensive back-office support all under one roof – your own dedicated credit controller, pay and bill administrator, client manager and support team. It’s a very cost effective solution that frees you up to concentrate on generating sales.
  • You can access the most capable online timesheet solution on the market, should you require it. This saves you considerable time by removing the requirement to manually input data. There is also a traditional manual timesheet option provided by the same portal, should you prefer.
  • Exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction as proven with our numerous client testimonials – see our website for details.
  • Bad debt protection is available creating greater funding flexibility and peace of mind.

How It Works

You enter the timesheet information on to the portal.

We process the payroll, issue the invoice and send all invoices along with supporting timesheets to your client.

The invoice is funded, payroll is paid, HMRC reserves placed and any margin is made available to you to draw down by Thursday.

All payroll reports are received by Friday.

The customer pays the invoice. You receive the full invoice amount minus any charges associated with the facility.

Why you’ll like dealing with us?

I would urge any fellow recruiters, whether in the permanent or temporary sector, to use Synergy Exchange as they understand what we do and how we do it. This is not the case with the banks and this means their factoring services can be inflexible and robotic.