Trade Finance

Tailored finance for every stage of your business growth

It’s a means of buying goods, either in the UK or abroad, when the supplier won’t offer you terms. Synergy Exchange specialises in this kind of transaction, and offers two options: Purchase Finance and Supply Chain Finance. With either option we can, if you want, also pay the import duty, import VAT and freight charges.


  • It enables you to complete lucrative deals that would otherwise be beyond your reach.
  • Enables you to negotiate better terms which can often be worth more than our fees.
  • We can pay the import duty, import VAT and freight charges.
  • Can be combined with an integrated supply chain finance solution so we take care of everything.

How It Works

We Pay The Supplier

You don’t have to find the money to bridge the gap between purchasing the goods from your supplier and getting paid, weeks or months later, by your customer.

You Send Your Invoice

Once the goods are delivered you invoice your customer.

Your Invoice is Settled

When your customer pays your invoice you repay us, including our fees.

Why you’ll like dealing with us?

Business is tough and challenging enough in today’s market place. Prompt and timely cash availability is fundamental to dealing with a complicated cash flow. Synergy Exchange’s approach to the funding requirements of our business needs is quick, flexible and commercially acceptable, the day to day activity is very smooth and easy to manage which frees up time to deal with other matters.