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Last week saw the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, which brought about a quiet end of the week in FX markets. To us, this also marks the start of the festive season, with the new (and some might say unwelcome) tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as a precursor to entering the period of advent tomorrow.

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In light of alleged election fraud in the US, the markets turned their eyes back to the narratives of both COVID-19 and Brexit, resulting in a trading in a very narrow range with sterling continuing to fight on regardless of the struggles of Brexit.

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Could there be a breakthrough with Brexit, as a result of the vaccines to help combat Covid-19?

  • Joe Biden

With the US election dominating the markets for the whole of last week, the continued fallout from it is expected to carry on driving sentiment for some time, resulting in currencies to remain volatile and until the shape of the Biden Presidency becomes clear.

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A look at how COVID-19 infections continued to increase exponentially in the UK, the US and across Europe threatening the already fragile recoveries.