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  • Euro Markets

A look at how Sterling was having a relatively quiet time and avoided a buffeting like other currencies received from the resurgent dollar.

  • Financial Bonds

A look at how first UK lockdown impacted on the currency markets and still being driven by the same concerns of the economic fallout from that decision.

  • Spring Time in US

A review of last week currency markets, which dominated by the US bond market’s gyrations last week as the dollar rose and fell in unison with yields.

  • Yields

A look at how the rising yields dominated the headlines last week. with a strong comeback of King dollar and that of the vaccination programme, at a speed of which it is being implemented is now raising concerns about the inflationary impact of a rapid bounce back by economies.

  • Inflation unsettles markets

Volatility returned last week as the markets started to take seriously the chances of a sharper recovery than many investors had been anticipating.