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  • Keeping Earth Green

In the week when world leaders came to together to climate exchange, there was some significant developments and discussions in the markets about keeping the earth green and prosperous for the next generation.

  • Dollar dominates

Last week, the dollar a good reason to smile thanks to the rise in yields on US treasuries, resulting in a dominance over sterling and the euro both which fell down to nearly three cents off September’s highest level, with the euro also giving up a similar amount.

  • Merkel

In the week that Angela Merkel stepped down as Chancellor of Germany – the Central Banks dominated the markets last week with what at times appeared an overload of information emanating from every corner of the globe.

  • King Dollar

Last week the markets were overshadowed by the events unfolding in Kabul and across Afghanistan. With chaos seemingly engulfing the country, investors turned tail from riskier assets and sought the safe haven of the dollar.

  • Sterling Strong Week

Last week, Sterling enjoyed a solid week in reaching its highest levels against the euro for the first time in 18 months; in what was seen a quiet trading before retreating on Friday. Following a solid rebound in GDP, gave encouragement thoughts of the economy returning to pre-pandemic levels by end of year.

  • Decision Day UK and US

As expected, two events dominated the market’s last week, the monthly meeting of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and the employment reports from the US.

  • Busy times ahead in currencies markets

Last week, the dollar put in its worst performance this year after the Federal Reserve meeting was perceived as less hawkish than analysts predicted. In actual fact, the Fed did say that “progress” was being made towards normalisation, but in a relatively quiet market, traders ignored the subtleties of language and decided to sell dollars.

  • Euro goes on Holiday

Just as Europe starts it summer holiday, last week saw some interesting developments on markets with swing between optimism and pessimism, despite worries over the spread of the delta variant ebbed and flowed.

  • European Markets
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With the currency markets being quiet for most of last week, all eyes will be focusing on Europe as we approach the peak summer holiday period.

  • Sterling Pound Currency

We ask is Sterling going to deliver again? After a week that saw consistent buying of the dollar, encouraged by mid-week rebalancing needs, there was a bout of profit-taking on Friday despite the US Labor Department’s employment data strength.