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HomeArchive by Category "Euro"
  • Euro goes on Holiday

Just as Europe starts it summer holiday, last week saw some interesting developments on markets with swing between optimism and pessimism, despite worries over the spread of the delta variant ebbed and flowed.

  • European Markets
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With the currency markets being quiet for most of last week, all eyes will be focusing on Europe as we approach the peak summer holiday period.

  • Federal Reserve

Currencies continued to trade in the familiar tight ranges for most of last week as the markets awaited the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May, which, reported the highest core inflation figure for 30 years.

  • Sunny Start

With UK showing signs of normality, the currency markets continued to worry last week about the impact of this on inflation and whether Central Banks will be too tardy in their response.

  • Inflation

In what was holiday-shortened week saw sterling gain against the dollar above $1.4025, where it has opened this morning, we look how at inflation could see upbeat in UK currency as restrictions begin to ease.

  • spring boost for uk economy

Last week saw the first signs that an economic recovery is underway in the UK were seen on busy high streets and roads last week and in figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

  • Europe

Last week, England returned to two of its favourite occupations last week, shopping and socialising over a drink, as lockdown measures were eased; as a result pound also fared well against the euro, despite a midweek dip, it gained half a euro cent over the week.

  • Pound

Last week got a long overdue trim over other currencies hard-won gains to finish the week at nearly two and a half euro cents lower than it started. The worries over the danger to health from the Astra Zeneca vaccine came to the fore almost simultaneously with Europe showing a more coordinated approach to vaccination.

  • Dollars

In the run up to Easter, the currency markets remained dominated by the familiar themes of vaccinations and infections, with a strong link between the vaccination programme’s speed and the strength of the currency.

  • Euro Markets

A look at how Sterling was having a relatively quiet time and avoided a buffeting like other currencies received from the resurgent dollar.