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HomeArchive by Category "GBP"
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Last week saw Sterling continue to rally and now stands some 5.5% higher against the dollar than it did in mid-December and 6.55% higher against the euro. Several factors are driving the currency, most notably the continued expansion of the vaccination programme, which now sees over one-third of the population inoculated.

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With the celebrations for Chinese New Year slowed the currency markets last week, despite this it did not slow the pound’s progress, which saw it consolidate recent gains above the $1.3750 level – thanks to the continuing success of the UK vaccination programme.

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A review of the stock markets with an analysis of how Sterling measured up against other currencies and the impact of vaccinations on the stock market.

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Our review of how volatility returned to the markets with a vengeance last week as small traders took on the wall street monoliths in the stock market.

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In a week that will see Joe Biden inaugurated as the 46th US President, both vaccinations and viruses are set to dominate as the market has returned its attention to COVID-19 and the proposed stimulus package.

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Our G3 Currency Forecast

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With all eyes of the world focusing on Washington, with the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden Jnr; we look to see his plans for a substantial stimulus totalling nearly $2trillion, in light of the protests on Capitol Hill.

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With the news on COVID-19 infections continues to worsen and further lockdowns seem inevitable in the UK and Europe, we look at the new beginnings for UK Sterling in how it can quickly adapt to the changes and recovery from the pandemic.

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Last week volatility increased sharply in sterling related markets as once again Brexit dominated the headlines and airwaves. With this weekend’s talks spilling over into this week, a renewed sense of optimism returned. Sterling has bounced strongly off its lows as a no-deal outcome seemingly has receded slightly.

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After weeks of the markets being dominated by three stories, President Trump, Brexit and COVID-19, it seems like we are at last reaching the end game in two of them.