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Risk management solutions designed to guide your business through currency turbulence

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Our speciality is developing strategies to mitigate risk in the unpredictable foreign exchange market. We focus on four main variables for our clients when hedging, How much, How long, Price And When?
Your own dedicated risk management specialist will work alongside you to understand your businesses interests and then create and execute your own personalised hedging programme. This will help manage the impact exchange rate volatility has on your margins, costs, profit and cash flow.
Our hands on approach to risk management services is not just intended to protect your businesses bottom line from currency risks but to consistently work on strengthening it.

Synergy will give you the support needed to protect your business from market fluctuations.

Understanding your needs

We listen to your needs and using the information provided we draw up a comprehensive strategy to help you make an informed decision.

A strategy for your business

Your risk management strategy will be tailored to your company structure and goals in mind

Dedicated Hedging Manager

You will receive support from one of our risk management specialist to ensure the strategy works best for you.

FX Risk Management is key to mitigating risk in the worlds most volatile market and secure the financial health of your business.


  • Identify and mitigate risk in the world’s most volatile market
  • Budget and forecast accurately.
  • Protect your profit margins from currency fluctuations.



Our Risk Management Solutions

Online Platforms
Balance Sheet Hedging
Trigger Hedging
market order
Backstop Hedging
Passive Hedging

How do I implement a risk management solution for my business?

FX Markets
Fact find

Our dedicated experts will communicate with you daily to understand the size, frequency of payment and your business’ future exposure  to help formulate a suitable plan.

market prof

Your dedicated account manager will design a unique tailored strategy to suit your business requirements.


Review the strategy in depth ensuring your business objectives are met and hedging prices are cheaper than your cost price.

market prof

Once the strategy is implemented your dedicated expert will keep you up to date with our latest market analysis and ensure your risk is continuously mitigated.